Rhoades Car CEO Places Focus on FUN – Just Released Podcast

by Bill Pomakoy

Earlier this week, I was interviewed for a podcast by Martin Kreig, an extraordinary individual and bicycle industry enthusiast.  (see below for more information on Martin). It turns out that Martin is also a very thorough interviewer!


Here are some of the questions he asked and I answered:

  • What exactly IS a Rhoades Car?
  • How did you get involved in the company?
  • How many Rhoades Car models/options are there?
  • What new products do you have up your sleeve?
  • Do you offer industrial models?
  • What are they like on hills? How many gears do you offer?
  • How do you ship them?  How much does it cost to ship?
  • Tell me about the whole Rhoades Car experience you mentioned where people can come and visit and even fish in the stocked lake!

That should give you a flavor for the interview.  Here is the link to the podcast:


About Martin Kreig –After suffering paralysis and a coma as the result of injuries from a car accident, Martin has crossed the country twice on a bike; written a book about his experiences and is working hard to build the National Bicycle Greenway, an interconnected network of safe bikeable roads and paths. Be sure to visit his website — www.bikeroute.com