Royalty Rides a Rhoades Car

If you love royalty as much as we do, you will be excited to see Prince Harry and Mayor of London Boris Johnson celebrating the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on a Rhoades Car. Rhoades Car made its London debut yesterday with none other than Prince Harry and London Mayor Boris Johnson riding a 2 person Cycle Car on the eve of the grand opening of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the newest and largest park in London.

Prince Harry

Photography credit: Chris Harry AFP/Getty

How did this possibly happen? It started with a sale to Bikeworks UK which was then picked up by Motivate East, a free inclusive sports participation project for disabled people who engaged Prince Harry and Mayor Boris Johnson in the video below. (Go to 1:04 in the video for The Ride)

London Mayor Boris Johnson on a Rhoades Car

Photography credit: Rach Laurence @pr_rach

The story has been covered in USA Today and BBC News.…great press for an American made product, don’t you think? We think they handled it pretty well, considering the steering is on the wrong side for them!

A Challenge for Our Mayor

So how about it, Mayor Karl Dean? If the Mayor of London can ride a Rhoades Car, surely the Mayor of Nashville can hop on too!  We challenge you to come to Hendersonville for a great ride or we will even bring our newest model, the Rhoades Car SOLARped to your office!

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