5 Quick and Easy Daily Exercise Tips

Photo from Flickr by Kevin Dooley

Photo from Flickr by Kevin Dooley

Let’s face it. When it comes to exercising, we tend to brush it aside pretty quickly. It takes too much time, we say. Who has time to go to the gym after work when the kids need to be fed and laundry needs to be done and you have a big presentation at work tomorrow?

Juggling life isn’t easy. But exercising doesn’t always have to be complicated. Yes, going to the gym or getting outside to exercise is important, but there are other quick and easy ways to get a couple of minutes of exercise in while you’re working on other things.

Here are some of our favorite suggestions. Give these a try. We’re willing to bet you can squeeze some of these into your daily routine.

1. Going to the store? Park farther away from the door.

Why would you want to do that? Because the extra few steps you walk are a good way to get a brief bit of exercising in.  If you’re going grocery shopping and you have a couple of extra minutes, consider pushing your cart an extra lap around the store before heading to the checkout. Or take an extra lap around the mall. Either way, be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

2. Cooking dinner? Do counter push-ups in the kitchen.

It may seem bizarre at first glance, but this suggestion from Prevention Magazine actually makes a lot of sense. While you’re waiting for dinner to bake or water to boil, put your arms on the counter and do some standing push-ups. The article suggests standing about an arm’s length away from the counter for maximum impact.

3. Watching TV? Grab a quick workout during commercial breaks.

Instead of sitting and watching commercials, take advantage of the time and try this simple exercise suggested by Seventeen magazine called a “Star Pass.” Here’s how the article describes it:

“Start in a standing position with your arms over your head, holding the remote control in between both hands. Bend to your right, lifting your left leg off the ground so that your body looks like a star. Then repeat to the left.”

4. Eating lunch at work? Sneak a quick walk in on your lunch break.

More and more professionals are taking advantage of their midday 30- or 60-minute breaks to get a brisk walk in. According to Fitness Magazine, a walk is not only good for you physically, but it will help make you more productive in those sluggish afternoon hours than sitting and eating lunch at your desk.

5. Have chores to do around the house? Make them exercise moments.

The American Heart Association offers several great tips for making the most out of those household chores we dislike so much. Use a push mower to mow the grass. Take the dog for a walk. Stretch while reaching things on high shelves. Squat to reach things on low shelves. If possible, walk or bike to the store instead of driving. All of these things seem minor, but together would add up to a fairly substantial workout.

While those may be our favorites, there are many, many more possibilities for adding exercise moments to your daily routine.  What are some things you’re doing to improve your exercising during the week? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear about it.

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By incorporating exercises into things we already do every day, we create new habits for ourselves that will improve our health. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, try some of these exercises, then try a more rigorous workout on days when you have a less hectic schedule. Establishing a routine is important!

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