Spring into Summer with Rhoades Car

The question we hear frequently is “How did the Prince Harry PR work out for you?” (For those of you who missed it, Prince Harry rode a Rhoades Car at the grand opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London on April 4th.) I just got back from the regular meeting of Hendersonville, TN manufacturers and fielded that question three times. The official answer is, it worked out GREAT with many new friends finding the Rhoades Car Facebook page and website! It especially worked out well with the Royal Spring Special in May that offered free shipping or $500 in free upgrades, as this caused many of our new friends to become Rhoades Car owners. However, that was a special promotion and promotions do have to come to an end. BUT . . . it doesn’t mean we can’t have another promotion that’s equally as fun!

Our “Spring into Summer” promotion until June 30th provides a choice between a Visa, Home Depot or Amazon gift card or an even greater amount of free upgrades, so it is easier than ever to join the elite club of Rhoades Car Owners.


But don’t stop there. While you are on our website checking out this new promotion, don’t miss the new blogs we’ve been posting.

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Phyllis Shelton & Kim Wiley-Schwartz

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Hopefully one or more of these great stories will inspire you to take advantage of our…drum roll…


Then you can be one of the happy owners of a Rhoades Car like Vicki and Larry Ryan who just said “We got our Rhoades Car today. LOVE IT!”

So what’s it going to be … the gift card or the free upgrades?


(Hurry – expires June 30th!)