Biking in National Parks

Jerry and Carolyn Philemon

Jerry and Carolyn Philemon (Rhoades Car North Carolina dealer)

Biking in National Parks

If you’re looking for an exceptionally picturesque biking route this summer, why not try a national park? According to the National Parks Service, more than 250 million people visit one of our nation’s parks each year. While most are known for their serene and scenic environments, many national parks also have excellent biking trails. recently published a list of their 10 best national parks for cyclists. We’ve decided to highlight  five of them in particular because of their wide, paved biking trails … perfect for Rhoades Cars!

Acadia National Park (Maine)

This park has the best of both worlds. While there are many paved roads to explore, including the Park Loop Road, the highlight of this park is the nearly 45 miles of crushed gravel carriage roads. According to the park’s website, you’ll share those roads only with “horses and pedestrians.”

Redwood National Park (California)

What could be better than looking at the giant redwoods? Riding a bike, surrounded by them, of course! Not only that, but some of this park’s biking trails have a view of the Pacific Ocean. For a low-impact, relaxing ride, try the Gold Bluffs Beach section of the Coastal Trail. It’s just 3 miles long and relatively flat.

Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado)

It may seem counter-intuitive for someone in search of a relaxing ride to head to the mountains, but with 60 miles of paved biking trails and incredible views, this one’s hard to pass up. The park also offers guided biking tours of the park as well as special biking events throughout the summer for both youth and adults. There is a $10 weekly permit fee for bicyclists.

Big Bend National Park (Texas)

Located in the western part of the state near the border with Mexico, there are more than 100 miles of paved roads in this park. For a low-impact trip, try riding from Persimmon Gap to Panther Junction. It’s a gentle downward slope of 28 miles and passes the Fossil Bones Exhibit.

Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

No, you can’t ride your bike in the canyon. But the views above from the rims are so spectacular, there’s no need to. There are biking options on both the North and South Rims of the canyon, but the highlight is the Hermit Road Greenway Trail. Located on the South Rim, it’s 2.8 miles long and features six scenic overlooks.

Get out there!

Many other national parks offer excellent opportunities for exploring on a bike or in a Rhoades Car. If you’re heading to a park, be sure to check the National Park Service website, select your park destination and click on “Things to Do” to find biking information and, in some cases, maps of trails and roadways.