What We Learned from the Prince Harry May Promotion

The recent Prince Harry publicity brought us new friends through the Rhoades Car website and through Facebook and Twitter. The Royal Spring Special in May that offered free shipping OR $500 in free upgrades caused many of these new friends to become Rhoades Car owners. Two things really stood out in all the inquiries:

1) People love free shipping; AND

2) the blue, 2-person Cycle Car is still the most popular Rhoades Car…and of course this was the one Prince Harry rode!

So we thought really hard … how do we use this information to offer an even better opportunity to become a Rhoades Car owner? The obvious answer was that we should offer the blue, 2-person Cycle Car with both free shipping AND free upgrades!

And here it is…tada…our July Royal Special that brings you four Royal Blue Special Editions ranging from the basic “convertible” to the ultimate Cycle Car with canopy and motor!

Rhoades Car July Royal Special

By taking advantage of this opportunity, you could be enjoying your summer in a brand new Rhoades Car with someone you love like this . . .Dad and little girl

And here’s one of my favorite 2-person Cycle Car shots overlooking Tampa Bay:

Royal Blue 2-Person Cycle Car

Royal Blue 2-Person Cycle Car

But wait, while you are on our website checking out the Rhoades Car July Royal Special, here are three new blogs you may have missed:

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So hurry, this special offer on the most popular Rhoades Car ends July 31st. Call us at 800-531-2737 between 8-5 CST for more information or go ahead and reserve your place on our summer production schedule by ordering online here.