Unique Summer Exercises

Rhoades Car SummerSummer Exercising Opportunities

As the summer reaches its peak, life can get pretty crazy. While taking vacation and spending additional time with your family is a good thing, it can also cut in to your traditional exercise time. After all, it’s hard to exercise if you’re driving to the beach!

We have already suggested some ways to stay cool as you exercise in the summer. Here are some creative ways to incorporate exercise into your summer routine, regardless of how atypical it may be!

While you’re at home:

So many chores, so little time. In the summer months, after getting that outdoor work done, the last thing you want to do is exercise. So why not combine the two?

Turn washing your car into an exercising opportunity. Instead of going through a drive-thru automatic car wash, get out the hose and the bucket and wash the car by hand. Or if that’s not an option, go to a car wash that allows you to scrub yourself. According to BlueCross BlueShield of Michigan, a car wash can burn 35 calories in 10 minutes.

Take advantage of trips to the store. If you’re just making a quick trip for a couple of items, can you walk or jog instead of driving? Or how about taking your Rhoades Car? It’s a quick way to get a few minutes of exercising in.

Make mowing the lawn and other yard work more productive. It’s not necessarily a fun chore, but mowing the lawn with a push lawnmower is a great workout! Gardening can be exercise as well; an hour’s worth of weeding and tending can burn as many as 300 calories!

Exercise while you’re on vacation:

Between the travel and the hustle and bustle, where’s the time to exercise, right? Here are some ideas for sneaking in a bit of cardio and healthy living without your family or travel group even noticing!

Take the stairs. Whether you’re at your hotel or sightseeing, there are probably more opportunities to take the stairs as opposed to the elevator. Greatist.com offers this good insight as well: Many tourist attractions that include stairs also have unique architecture or other things that you wouldn’t see if you raced to the elevator.

Go on a walking or biking tour. We’ve already discussed lots of vacation opportunities for a biking enthusiast, but here’s another reminder. Even if you’re not going on a vacation that was meant for biking or hiking or walking, there are opportunities to work them in. Instead of a bus tour of the city, opt for a walking tour. Or take your Rhoades Car with you on vacation and enjoy it in a new setting. (Don’t forget to take your referral cards to hand out when people ask you where you got it so you can collect those $150 referral fees!)

Stash healthy snacks in your room. Have a mini-fridge? Perfect! Go to the store and stockpile it with your favorite healthy snacks. Or go walk around the market (see, there’s another opportunity to walk!) and take advantage of all the healthy food options surrounding you.

While you’re at play:

Recreation is an obvious opportunity for exercise, whether you’re at home or on vacation. Here are some ideas you might not have considered, though.

Hiking or biking: We’ve mentioned this a lot, but it’s a great way to get a fun workout in to your tight schedule!

Kayaking: Paddling is hard work and is a great upper body workout. Prevention magazine writes that one hour of paddling can burn 340 calories!

Speedminton: Never heard of it? Prevention describes it as a “cross between racquetball, badminton, and tennis, but with no nets or walls involved.” All it requires is racquets, a speeder (similar to the birdie in badminton) and some chalk to draw a court. And it burns 400 calories an hour.

Inline skating: It might not necessarily be the trendy workout of the moment like it used to be, but there’s no doubting the benefits. A single hour of skating can burn more than 800 calories. And consider this – skating is better on your knees than jogging.

Swimming lessons: They’re not just for kids! Check with your local parks and recreation facilities to see whether they offer adult classes. It’s a great opportunity to workout and meet other people in your area.

Go to the playground: You have to take the kids to the playground anyway, right? So take advantage of the equipment available to you. Use the pull-up bars. Swing. Find space to do some planks or lunges. There’s more there than you think!

So … no more excuses! Take advantage of one (or several!) of these opportunities and get to exercising! Did you come up with another option not on this list? Share it with us below by leaving a comment please.