S1 Ladder Rack

Now your work crews can maximize their performance by always having the right equipment on board the S1 Ladder Rack!

Our S1 Ladder Rack gives added space over the rear cargo area with two wire flat beds – one at the top to hold a ladder and one at the bottom for stacking boxes, tools or pretty much anything. Additional shelves are also available if you need more storage space.

Worried about it handling heavy loads? Don’t. It can handle up to 700 lbs. on its 2″ square jig-welded steel frame and it’s just 37 ½” wide so it can go just about anywhere.

S1 Ladder Rack Specifications

Wheel Base42”
Tip-To-Tip Length92″
Tip-To-Tip Width37 ½”
Weight134 lbs.
ColorYellow or Green
FrameJig-welded 2” square steel tube
Front Crank1 piece
Tires20” x 2 ⅛” whitewalls
BrakeSingle Mechanical Disc
Cargo AreaUp to four 24″ X 36″ wire flatbeds mounted on four
63″ uprights made of 1-inch round powder coated
metal tubes. (Only two come standard.)
Load Capacity700 lbs (distributed appropriately)

Standard Equipment

Single Speed Gearing
Standard Saddle Seat
20” Black Mag or Alloy Spoke Wheels
White Wall Tires
Handlebar Steering
Single Disc Brake
Parking Brake
Two 24″ X 36″ wire flatbeds mounted
top and bottom on four 63″ uprights

Additional upgrades and options are available for this model. Please note that the pictures above include extra upgrades.