S1 Passenger Cab

The S1 Passenger Cab perfect solution for transporting people from one place to another.

This modern-day, three person rickshaw-style 4-wheel bike holds a driver and two passengers. So, if you need to move people around, this Rhoades Car S1 Passenger Cab is your solution.

The passenger cab can also be reversed to make a rear-facing cab and comes with a 24” x 36” storage rack on the top for transporting your passenger’s belongings. It is also available without the overhead storage rack if preferred.

S1 Passenger Cab Specifications

Wheel Base42”
Tip-To-Tip Length92″
Tip-To-Tip Width37 ½”
Weight134 lbs.
ColorYellow or Green
FrameJig-welded 2” square steel tube
Front Crank1 piece
Tires20” x 2 ⅛” whitewalls
BrakeSingle Mechanical Disc
Cargo AreaPassenger Cab
Load Capacity700 lbs (distributed appropriately)

Standard Equipment

Single Speed Gearing
Standard Saddle Seat
20” Black Mag or Alloy Spoke Wheels
White Wall Tires
Handlebar Steering
Single Disc Brake
Parking Brake
Passenger Cab

Additional upgrades and options are available for this model. Please note that the pictures above include extra upgrades.