Replacing your golf cart with a Rhoades Car

With the direction of fuel costs always being uncertain and the costs of battery replacement and general maintenance, many golf cart owners are choosing to take a different direction with their personal transportation needs.  These factors are hard to predict and most of the time they come at a high price and the worst timing (multiple […]

Quadricycle VS Tandem Bike

A common question we hear is “How does your quadricycle compare to a tandem bike?”  Since there are some obvious differences such as the number of wheels, width, stability, and side-by-side seating, we thought it would be important to explain the non-obvious advantages of a quadricycle compared to a tandem bicycle.  For this particular study, […]

5 More Ways to Enjoy a Rhoades Car

One of the great advantages of owning a Rhoades Car is getting to explore the vast amount of applications that it can give you.  We love hearing and seeing customers send us their experiences with their Rhoades Cars and how they’ve either added something that they made to the quad or how they use it […]

Year-end Review – Rhoades Car

Rhoades Car is now almost 26 years old.  At this point in human form, RC is now having to really understand how truly hard life is and coming to the understanding that the real world is not your friend, at all.  But, you’re free and young and daring to face any fears while your responsibilities […]

Rhoades to Life – September Edition

Rhoades to Life – September Edition your monthly subscription to “All Things Rhoades Car” CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S ALMOST OCTOBER? We can’t believe it’s almost October, which means the last quarter of the year and great fall weather!  What does this mean to you?  It means you’ve only got a few more months to take advantage of […]

Rhoades to Life – August Edition

Rhoades to Life – August Edition your monthly subscription to “All Things Rhoades Car” DOUBLING OUR REFERRAL PROGRAM! This month we released the new referral rates for our Rhoades Car owner’s referral program and we’ve already heard tremendous feedback.  What used to be $150 to any current owner who referred a new customer to Rhoades Car, […]

Rhoades to Life – July Edition

Rhoades to Life – July Edition your monthly subscription to “All Things Rhoades Car” MID-YEAR REVIEW We’ve spent the last week reviewing how the first half of the year has done and we’re extremely pleased with 2016.  One thing that has really exceeded our expectations is the 25th Year Anniversary bike.  When we set out […]

Rhoades to Life – June Edition

Rhoades to Life – June Edition your monthly subscription to “All Things Rhoades Car” BRINGING NEW LIFE After 25 years of business, Rhoades Cars have fulfilled many different purposes and platforms.  It’s truly a joy to see how many different applications our bikes have taken on over the years and how many lives have been impacted […]

Introducing the all-new Ad Bike by Rhoades Car

Introducing the all new Ad Bike by Rhoades Car​. This mobile billboard comes with three sides of advertising panels and is powered by our Rhoades Car motor and solar panels. If you’re a business looking for a way to catch the eyes of potential customers, look no further!   This upgraded GoBoy model has everything […]

Rhoades to Life – May Edition

Rhoades to Life – May Edition your monthly subscription to “All Things Rhoades Car” A PIECE OF HISTORY Seen here is the first ever Rhoades Car built.  This particular bike was made in 1989 which was two years before Rhoades Car was actually started.  David Rhoades created this bike and went on to create a strong […]