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One Foot Forward

By: Julie Alexander, Govt Contracts, Grants, and Sustainability Coordinator

Do you ever have one of those days where you believe you cannot put one foot in front of the other?  Do you ever feel that one step forward equates to several stumbles backwards?

Many of us experience this down our road to wellness.  Those initial pounds seem to easily fly off as we diligently stick to the newest fad diet for a few weeks.  Then the proverbial, impenetrable wall rears its ugly head and hand stamps your face with a brick imprint that seems to laugh in the face of your adversity.  At this point the tears begin to roll and the frustration of expectations not being met scream out in our daily interactions.  Giving up seems like the only option, and diving into that tub of cookies and cream ice cream gives the illusion of satisfaction from the pain of failing. But, the reality of the “wish it were only a fun house” mirror creates an abyss of despair, and we begin to cycle back into habits that die slow, and hard.

Perhaps our expectation of a quick fix is what puts our undies in a bundle.  What if we looked at the reality of our situation and decided to rationally approach our roads to wellness with the mindset that time is what it took to look a certain way, and time is what it is going to take to be a certain way?  Do you think our mindset on wellness would change if we took responsibility for how we nourish our bodies and for how we move our bodies? The abyss of despair and the cycling diets could cease if we listened to what our bodies needed, and not to what the television tells our minds to want.

Here’s a little tip: wellness does not come without extraordinary effort, willpower, and determination.  If you take each day in stride with a positive attitude you will change your life.  Make small changes every 21 to 30 days.  If you try to change several items concerning your health in one sitting, you will fail.  The stress will overpower any well-intended efforts if you choose to change everything at once.  Start with changing your drinking habits until you do not have to think about it any longer.  Drink half your body’s weight worth of ounces of water a day (e.g. 150 lbs drink 75 oz).  Choose water instead of soda; and almond or coconut milk instead of sugary tea or juice. When you find yourself subconsciously choosing the healthier option, you are ready to change your diet or your exercise routine.

Ultimately, your attitude will guide you through changing your overall wellness.  Feel free to post a question or concern now, or wait for our 90 Day Rhoade to Wellness Program to launch in July!