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Replacing your golf cart with a Rhoades Car

Rhoades Car Cycle Car quadricycle

With the direction of fuel costs always being uncertain and the costs of battery replacement and general maintenance, many golf cart owners are choosing to take a different direction with their personal transportation needs.  These factors are hard to predict and most of the time they come at a high price and the worst timing (multiple batteries die at the same time, a flat tire on the way to the golf course, or the worst is when it just won’t start and you have no idea what is wrong).  The need to go low-maintenance and get a convenient work-out with your ride is why customers are now replacing their golf carts with a Rhoades Car quadricycle.

How many times have we set our new year’s resolutions to have more quality time with our family?  Or we just have to get healthier and go to the gym more often?  You’re not alone.  In 2015, Nielsen released that year’s top new year’s resolutions which had “stay fit and healthy” as the #1 goal and “spend more time with friends and family” as the #5 spot.  Time Magazine also released The Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions where “lose weight and get fit” and “spend more time with family” were both on the list.  As you can see, everyone wants it but it’s not very easy to do it.  We have a solution that not only checks both off of the list but we make it fun and enjoyable at the same time!  A golf cart can offer you time with others, but it simply cannot offer you the exercise that so many of us desire every year.

Time Magazine also released The Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions where “lose weight and get fit” and “spend more time with family” were both on the list.

The price of a golf cart is somewhat comparable to a new Rhoades Car with a Cycle Car 2-seater getting the slight edge of cheaper.  The price of batteries costs are much more because a golf cart requires more batteries (6 typically) and the price of each battery is more than a single battery for a Rhoades Car (if you elect to add the motor-assist option to your quadricycle).  Rhoades Cars motors only need two batteries to operate and are generally about half of the price of a golf cart battery.  This is a valuable aspect to remember when thinking of the low-maintenance costs associated with a Rhoades Car.

2 person bike quadricycle

We recently had an woman call from Arkansas and ask about our Cycle Car 4W2P because they were about to put more money into their golf cart.  She was excited to learn about our Rhoades Car and not only did they want to exercise more, but they didn’t want to keep putting more and more money into the maintenance of their golf cart.  Knowing that a Rhoades Car requires very little maintenance AND can give you two highly valued goals makes Rhoades Car a popular choice for replacing a golf cart.  Is it time to re-evaluate your personal transportation needs and costs?  Like so many others, let us help you experience life where you can combine quality time and exercise, with no maintenance!

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Announcing the Rhoades SOLARped Series – 100% Powered by the Sun

HENDERSONVILLE, TN — October 16, 2013 —Rhoades Car International, the nation’s leading 4-wheel bicycle manufacturer, today announced the release of a new model series – the Rhoades SOLARped – 100% powered by the sun.

“This is really exciting because we’ve been able to source a flexible, mono-crystalline, 190 watt solar panel which attaches to the existing windshield on our SportPed model,” explained company president, Bill Pomakoy.   “That panel is absolutely amazing because it allows the rider to keep the 24 volt battery system that runs the electric motor charged while on a ride.  I took the two seater out for a 17 mile ride and returned with absolutely no battery drain whatsoever.  I could have gone on for hours and hours more,” added Pomakoy. 

SOLARped P2 With the Rhoades SOLARped, customers can have the best of all worlds – pedal assistance when desired from the PD750 electric motor along with a powerful solar panel that keeps the batteries charged and never needs to be plugged in to a wall outlet.  It’s completely off-the-grid!

 The Rhoades SOLARped Series is available in one and two person versions.  The 1-person SOLARped P1 uses a 110 watt solar panel to charge the batteries and the 2-person, side-by-side, SOLARped P2 employs the 190 watt panel for additional power.  The company plans to add a 4 person model in 2014. 

“There are so many applications for this new technology,” according to Phyllis Shelton, Rhoades Car Vice President of Sales.  “In addition to our residential customers enjoying all of the benefits of the SOLARped, our industrial customers can enjoy the fact that they can purchase a Rhoades SOLARped for SOLARped P1their work fleet at a much lower acquisition cost compared to a golf cart and their employees can get healthy by pedaling.  Plus the annual maintenance costs are minimal for even further savings along with the incredible employee health benefits of riding a Rhoades,” added Shelton.  

Rhoades Car International, headquartered in Hendersonville, Tennessee, offers a unique line of four-wheel bicycles for residential and industrial use.  Celebrating its 22nd year in business in 2013, the company relies on local suppliers that share the high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes – proudly made in the USA!

For more information about the Rhoades SOLARped series, call Rhoades Car at 800-531-2737 or send an email to info@rhoadescar.com.  Information about all Rhoades Car models is available on the company’s website www.RhoadesCar.com.