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Introducing the all-new Ad Bike by Rhoades Car

Introducing the all new Ad Bike by Rhoades Car​. This mobile billboard comes with three sides of advertising panels and is powered by our Rhoades Car motor and solar panels. If you’re a business looking for a way to catch the eyes of potential customers, look no further!



This upgraded GoBoy model has everything you need to promote your business.  And don’t worry about the weather, with weather-proof panels and windshield, we’ve got you covered and protected from the elements.  The inside of the advertising box also has a shelf inside so that you can store marketing materials or whatever you need to help promote your business better.  This is the ideal mobile billboard for your business and you can use it for many different platforms such as street/event marketing, street vending, or any type of delivery services.

See the video of the Ad Bike on our facebook page

Want to know more about our new Ad Bike?  Give us  a call at 1-888-938-2272!