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Rhoades to Life – June Edition

Rhoades to Life – June Edition
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After 25 years of business, Rhoades Cars have fulfilled many different purposes and platforms.  It’s truly a joy to see how many different applications our bikes have taken on over the years and how many lives have been impacted at every level.  One of our growing markets is with assisted living and rehabilitation facilities throughout the U.S..  In particular our two and four seat models have changed the atmosphere of on-site amenities for patient experiences and living.  From an active living standpoint, our bikes allow guests to ride a four-wheel bike and get active exercise while also allowing their family members or friend along for the ride.  The rehabilitation facilities allow our bikes to be used for the guests to rebuild their necessary bones or muscles in order to regain strength.  Since we have multiple seat options, trainers and physical therapists can join their patients on the ride while working or assisting with them on their exercise movements in riding the Rhoades Car.   It brings a new quality of life to these facilities and in most cases it mutually benefits the patients and their family members when everyone gets involved (not to mention the outdoor aspect which most don’t get to enjoy).  You can see that this provides strength to a physical body but it also improves the mental state as well by being able to enjoy an activity where you’re enjoying the outdoors and allowing your mind and body to work together in a controlled environment.  We’re excited to be a part of this growing market and will continue to help make customized improvements for each facility based on their specific needs.

We had the pleasure to work with a new customer this past month and actually customized a 4W1P model into a 25th Year Anniversary Bike.  She couldn’t wait to receive her custom-made bike and we couldn’t wait for her to get it.  We are thrilled the way it turned out and we know she’s riding her local streets showing off a limited edition bike that draws the eyes of everyone around!
“My 25th Special Edition bike arrived today. I’m loving it. Thank you Rhoades Car!
– Mary R., Minnesota

Every month we like to share with you a product that our staff enjoys whether that’s for business or pleasure.  It’s our 25th year so we’re celebrating with our loyal customers and subscribers and allowing you to enjoy some discounts on a few of our favorite things!  For June we’re excited to share our excitement and fun thing to do while in Nashville – iRide Nashville.  You can see by their facebook page and TripAdvisor page that tens of thousands of people from all over the world have enjoyed themselves on this tour so we’re glad to share with you a 33% off discount by using the code “Rhoades25” when you check out on their site.  Who doesn’t enjoy a fun Segway ride in a beautiful city like Nashville?!  Next time you come visit our headquarters in Nashville, be sure to add some time to take this once-in-a-lifetime Segway tour in Nashville, you won’t regret it!
Every year iRide Nashville participates in the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway which helps raise funds for the children’s research hospital.  We’re proud to partner with iRide Nashville and their mission to help with children’s cancer research.


As always, we welcome guests at our Rhoades Car HQ here in Nashville, TN so send us an email to info@rhoadescar.com or give us a call at 888-938-2272 and set up an appointment.

Rhoades Car offers a unique line of 1, 2, and 4-person quadracycles with multiple speeds and an optional motor that provides sustainable transportation for families and industry, helps fight obesity, and provides a way for disabled people to exercise safely either alone or with loved ones or caregivers.  Celebrating its 25th year in business in 2016, the company relies on local suppliers that share the high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes – proudly made in the USA.