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When Customer Service Really Means Going the Extra Mile(s)

Every company is faced with challenges every now and then. But what do you do when you have a shipment sitting on a truck in Michigan and the trucking company does not have a small delivery truck to deliver to a remote area? In this case, Rhoades Car Director of Operations, Lisa Cunningham, and her husband, Russell, drove 600 miles each way to pick it up from the trucking company and deliver it to the customer – on a weekend! That’s dedication. We appreciate our customer (Susan) for being so patient while we figured out a solution. AND, we really appreciate Lisa our employee and her husband for going the extra mile (literally!) to deliver the customer service that we at Rhoades Car are so proud of.

The little book 212⁰ Service: The 10 Rules for Creating a Service Culture, quotes Jan Carlzon, a former CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, as saying:

“…it doesn’t really matter how your customers feel about you and your business. What makes a difference is how your products make them feel about themselves and their decisions.”

Obviously Customer Susan feels great about her buying decision in this note we received from her after the delivery: “This is why you buy from Rhoades Car…quality people who go above and beyond for you. This fantastic lady (Rhoades Employee) and her husband drove from TN to MI to deliver our bike to our door even though we have about 28″ total snow. Awesome quality service. Thank you Lisa and Russell.” Lisa and Russell Cunningham deliver a bike to Michigan

And yes, another great reason to BUY AMERICAN!

A fun way to lose weight and get healthier

Ummm – Christmas tree cookies, pumpkin pie, chocolate-covered cherries and lots of turkey and ham! The traditional holiday diet for so many of us, right? And is our belt fitting even tighter early in the New Year?

So time to turn the treadmill or NordicTrack or rowing machine back into a piece of exercise equipment instead of a clothes hanger….or is it?

Wouldn’t it be more fun to exercise with someone you really care about in a Rhoades Car two-seater? Side-by-side so you can talk and reflect on the coming year? And take the kids on a four-seater?

You can do all of the above with a Rhoades Car four wheel bike that drives like a car with extra comfortable seats. Enjoy pedaling in separate gears, and add the pedal-assist motor to help build endurance.

Don’t fail in your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get healthier.

“I lost 20lbs the first year I had mine. No other changes other than taking my Rhoades car on all the errands I could.”

Cycling burns 300-500 calories an hour and now it’s something you can do together or as a family, all while supporting American manufacturing!IMG_0158jacey