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It’s Time to Live the American Dream – Are You an Entrepreneur at Heart?

By Bill Pomakoy

There are all kinds of people in our country and not everyone has a dream of owning their own company or becoming self-employed. But a good portion of us do have the ambition to control our own destiny. For those of you who have ever thought of it, please read on.

Up until 16 years ago, I was very frustrated working for a mid-sized company with multiple locations that did not appreciate my talents. I remember one situation in particular where I built an entire marketing plan for a product line that had tremendous potential. Those who were in charge of that product line were oblivious to its potential – including the VP of Sales at the time! I was in a different division but I just couldn’t help myself so I submitted the idea, in full detail, to that VP of Sales. I wasn’t looking for anything in return – NOTHING! It was a no brainer, this product line could have catapulted that division to new heights and all they had to do was implement the plan I had developed for them. You know what happened? You guessed it, absolutely nothing. Several months later, I asked the VP of Sales about it.  His response?  He didn’t remember receiving it.

The handwriting was clearly on the wall – it was time to get out and control my own destiny. And I did. That was 15 years ago and now I own the most unique and incredible little company in the world – Rhoades Car – The 4-Wheel Bike That Drive Like a Car!

Are you frustrated in your career like I was? Are you looking for something to do to supplement your current income? Are you retired and looking for additional income? Are you a retailer looking for a unique new product line to bring in additional sales?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you need to consider becoming a Rhoades Car exclusive dealer. Our dealerships are different from other dealer opportunities because you don’t have to have a retail store to be a Rhoades Car dealer. All you need is the ambition to reach out to those in your community and bring attention to your floor models. This is the first time in 21 years that Rhoades Car has offered this opportunity – so don’t miss out. The investment is currently under $20,000.

If it’s time for you to control YOUR own destiny and live the American Dream, then act now by calling Bob Reed at 941-256-1056 or Holly Skinner at 800-531-2737 for all the details.

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