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Quadricycle VS Tandem Bike

Rhoades Car Cycle Car 4 wheel bike

A common question we hear is “How does your quadricycle compare to a tandem bike?”  Since there are some obvious differences such as the number of wheels, width, stability, and side-by-side seating, we thought it would be important to explain the non-obvious advantages of a quadricycle compared to a tandem bicycle.  For this particular study, we’ll assume both are two-person models.

tandem bike 4 wheel Rhoades Car


We can all agree that driving either cycle is important.  With a tandem bicycle, the captain (or front) passenger is basically the eyes for both riders.  This passenger also has control of the steering.  The stoker (or rear) passenger is left up to only pedaling and also completely submitted to the eyes and judgement of the captain rider.
With a quadricycle, the left passenger assumes the steering responsibility and the right passenger has no steering.  The great aspect of quadricycles is that it allows both passengers to be able to see what’s in front of them.  In this case, “four eyes” is a great description of the eyes of a quadricycle.  This encourages both riders to be able to communicate and understand the terrain ahead and prepare each other for what is to come.


Again with the captain of the tandem bicycle in front, he has total control of the tandem gearing which prevents the stoker (rear) passenger to know when gears are changing unless there’s verbal communication.  With a Rhoades Car quadricycle, each rider has their own gearing controls so that they can determine the pace and speed of pedaling that is comfortable for them.  With the gear shifters located right in front of both riders, it’s convenient for both riders to access and use while riding.


Communication is a key element in all relationships.  When you’re riding a tandem bicycle, communication is a necessity or your experience is not going to be worth sharing when you’re done!  Because the captain has so much control and responsibility, it’s extremely important for him or her to verbally communicate every change or action that takes place.  For the tandem rider, communication can become nerve-racking and strict.
You have probably seen our Rhoades Car tagline, “The 4-wheel bike that drives like a car.” It’s a true statement because our quadricycles create the same easiness of communicating or talking just like a car does.  When you’re sitting side-by-side on our Rhoades Cars, it’s extremely easy to enjoy the ride while talking to the other rider.  You don’t have to communicate which gear to go to or what to watch out for on the terrain – you just get to exercise while you’re enjoy the company with you.  Quadricycles create an environment where communication is enjoyable and easy.  Sometimes we just need an avenue to make it easy in order to help us do better in communicating.  The Rhoades Car quadricycle does just that.

Depending on the type of riding experience you want, both have very different styles and levels of cycling.  If you’re looking for an ease-of-use cycling experience that combines quality time with exercise, the quadricycle is your best option.  Four wheel quadricycles allow for much more freedom and enjoyment all while still getting the same amount of exercise and wind in your face!

Do you have an experience with both of these cycling styles?  If so, leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.