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Rhoades to Life – April Edition

Rhoades to Life – April Edition
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We’re excited to share that we have upgraded our braking system on every model!  This new rotor (disc)/caliper combo allows each bike to have more stopping force which is generated by more torque on the wheel.  Our master builder, Chris Spann, said, “The larger rotor provides a larger braking surface, which aids in dispersing more heat.  We were using 160mm and now with the new rotor, we are at 200mm.”  The new caliper compares extremely well with hydraulic calipers and are half the price.  Our new calipers are the lightest on the market and are easily adjustable.  This new system is another level of improvement to our bikes as we continue to strive and make better products while keeping the price down for our customers.

We recently posted a video on our facebook page about a clinical study on the effects of cycling which helps increase motor functions.  This study showed some impressive results that helped those with Parkinson’s disease.  We were happy to see a comment from one of our customers which read, “My wife has Parkinson’s and that is the reason we bought your bike for two. She has trouble walking, but put her in the passenger seat and she can pedal all day long.”  What a great testimony and we’re glad to hear that she’s being able to not only enjoy time with her husband, but participate in a healthy, fun activity with her Rhoades bike!

With the monthly manager’s special, we want you to enjoy some discounts on products that we believe in.  This month, we wanted to share with you our preferred choice of men’s button-up shirts at Twillory.  Not only do they make great shirts, but they also have a great re-purpose cause – by joining forces with a forward thinking charity, CareerGear, your re-purposed clothing will help the jobless, homeless and disaster stricken, both at home and abroad.  For a limited time, Rhoades Car has partnered with Twillory to celebrate “25 Years of Rhoades Car” for some great promo codes at special discounts:
Use promo code “Rhoades25” – 4 shirts for $189
Use promo code “RCMGRSP” – 2 shirts for $99

As always, we welcome guests at our Rhoades Car HQ here in Nashville, TN so send us an email to info@rhoadescar.com or give us a call at 888-938-2272 and set up an appointment.

Rhoades Car offers a unique line of 1, 2, and 4-person quadracycles with multiple speeds and an optional motor that provides sustainable transportation for families and industry, helps fight obesity, and provides a way for disabled people to exercise safely either alone or with loved ones or caregivers.  Celebrating its 25th year in business in 2016, the company relies on local suppliers that share the high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes – proudly made in the USA.