From a 74 year-old owner of a 2-person Cycle Car:

“We bought the Rhoades Car in 1996, and we LOVE it! You might get a kick out of how we got the bike to Sebring, FL from Chicago. We put the slide-out of the motor home out, put the bike in and tied it to the cupboards. Getting to the bathroom was a chore. I had to crawl under the handlebars. My grandchildren keep reminding me to bring the bike home when we quit coming to FL. They were not happy we took it. We live in a park while we are in FL.”

– C.M., Sebring, FL

Rhoades Car comment: What a great story! This came to our attention because the owner called to order new tires and a new brake cable – the first parts that she has needed in 15 years! Our VP of Sales & Marketing contacted her and got “the rest of the story” – you’ll enjoy it!

She got her Rhoades Car in 1996 when her husband developed bad hips and could no longer lift his leg to get on his motorcycle. They sold the motorcycle and used the money to buy their Rhoades Car. She would not let him buy a motor because she said they needed the exercise! They put a triangle on the back and a tall flag and rode it everywhere around their Dayton, Ohio home as well as their winter home in Sebring, Florida. Her husband died in 2000.

Her new love, who goes by “Red,” had a double knee replacement and didn’t have his strength back after completing all the physical therapy recommended by his doctor. She put him in the Rhoades Car and she said Red will tell you that’s how he got his strength back. Now she and Red are known as the Rhoades Car couple in Sebring where the Rhoades Car now stays. She said the grandchildren love it so much that it is the last thing put up before returning to Dayton each year for the summer.