From a proud, green-friendly owner of a 4-person Cycle Car:

“I regularly carry my three boys, groceries, my vacuum one time, and other curious people in it. It is the only car I own. I usually drop off and pick up my boys from school in my Rhoades Car. All the kids in town think I am the cool mom (and, if I do say so myself, they are absolutely RIGHT!). It garners attention from passersby like CRAZY! One morning, on my way to the grocery, a white SUV kept circling. Once the glare was off the windshield, I could see a camera rolling in the front window. THEY WERE FILMING! (Just wish I had put on lipstick).

I am most happy with my Rhoades Car. I definitely recommend the electric assist. One last thing…do NOT- under ANY circumstance – attempt to ride while wearing a skirt!!! just trust me).”

– M.E., Greensburg, KS

Rhoades Car comment: Greensburg, Kansas was the town destroyed by a deadly EF5 tornado on May 4, 2007. It leveled 95% of the city, killing 12 people. It is a tribute to the folks in Greensburg who built their city back up to be a totally green environment.