From an excited grandparent and owner of a 4-person Cycle Car:

“A few months before we went to the beach on vacation (Emerald Isle, NC) I thought about taking the Rhoades Car we had purchased over 10 years ago with us for the grandchildren to drive. What a GREAT idea! We took our 3 oldest grandchildren with us for the first 4 days and then the parents and other siblings came down. Everyone loved it!

We had many, many folks stop us and ask about the Rhoades Car. The grandchildren took it out early in the morning until late in the evening. If anyone wants to know if purchasing a Rhoades Car is a good thing to do….just tell them to contact us. The smiles on the faces of the Grandchildren tell it all. Thanks!”

– Ken L. Sr., Raleigh, NC

Rhoades Car comment: I remember my conversation with Ken vividly. He said that vacation was the most memorable ever because he was able to really connect with his grandchildren.