From the owner of a used Rhoades Car 4W2P Cycle Car who stopped by to say hello:

“Thank you so much for the tour of your awesome facility. I really enjoyed my time there and appreciated Chris’ feedback on my older model Rhoades. I have never seen a company or factory back their product the way you do! Most of the time it it off the breaks..too bad! Not you! My bike was given the once over (even though I was not the original owner) , advice dispensed, and I was even given a cold pop/soda to boot! How great is that for Southern hospitality?!

I have gotten a LOT of attention while driving my Rhoades Car. I am looking forward to riding her in any and all parades that I can. I have recently started my own small business and plan to advertise with my Rhoades Car. Also, my hubby and I are trying to lose weight the Rhoades Car way… more updates to come, I promise!

God bless you and all the good that you do. Thanks for making a great AMERICAN made product. (Now I want another one. Ha! Ha!) Sometimes I get a little greedy and don’t wanna share my morning rides with the hubs..he needs to get his own! LOL


– Lisa F.

Rhoades Car comment: Thanks for the kind words, Lisa.