“Rhoda” helped me lose 42 lbs

My Rhoades Car (“Rhoda”) has turned out to be one of the best things my husband has ever bought me. I haven’t even had it for four years now, but I would bet money that I have put thousands of miles on it.

I used to ride it for 3 1/2 hours, almost every day when we lived in South Dakota. I also used to be obese back then. Riding “Rhoda” helped me lose 42 pounds. There was a lot of steep hills there, where I had to pedal my legs off to give my bum a ride. Almost three years ago, we moved to Arkansas, and unfortunately, our property where I ride her now is flat. So. I have to ride a whole lot harder, in the hardest gear, to get rid of the 3-7 pounds that I gain every time I go to Disneyland, and that is usually twice a year. Plus, I am now 58 years old, so believe me, that gets harder each year.

Now, I have a dog that loves Rhoda more than I do, if that’s possible. It is the highlight of her day to run alongside me for at least an hour, twice a day. She has a clock in her head, and she never let’s me forget when it’s time to “go to the bye-bye!” She “herds” me out the door, and even whines when I’m not moving fast enough to suit her. When the weather is really bad, she gets depressed when we can’t exercise. (Usually, rain does not slow us down. I have the shade screen over my head while she gets wet. She does not care as long as she gets to run, and she loves to run.)

My husband has bought me many things in the almost 38 years that we have been married, like horses, an old El Camino, (I love El Caminos,) a Kawasaki mule, a turbo charged VW bug, (that gets 46 miles to the gallon!) And though I love all of them, none of them helped me lose all of that weight like riding Rhoda did.

I want to thank you guys for inventing that thing, and for all of the help you gave us when we needed parts. I plan on living to be at least 95 years old, and I plan on riding Rhoda till I get so old and decrepit that I can’t ride her anymore. Lord knows that I will be your best fan for the rest of my life, and if my dog could talk, she would agree. Thanks again for countless hours of pleasure for both of us. (I am happy to report, that with my exercise routine, and the DASH diet, I am 8 pounds away from my goal!). I feel great! 042414

Stella, Arkansas