Rhoades Car Goes to London (Again) with New London Dealer

Exciting news—our new GoBoy X4 that allows all four passengers to pedal has traveled across the Atlantic and is a hit in London…thanks to our new London dealer Bikeworks and thanks to the growing interest in London to make a way for people of all abilities to ride a bike! Here’s the story:

You may remember that we have Bikeworks and Motivate East to thank for getting Prince Harry and Mayor Boris Johnson to ride a Rhoades Car on April 4, 2014 at the grand opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (QEOP). That story made USA Today and BBC. So just who and what are these influential organizations?

Here’s the BEST part!! Bikeworks is now set up to offer all Rhoades Car models! Shipping from our factory to London is now less than two weeks so Londonites can become a Rhoades Car owner in a very short period of time.


Jim Blakemore, Co-Founder and Director, explained that Bikeworks was formed eight years ago as a not-for-profit community interest company to help people of all abilities ride bikes. Bikeworks has outreach programs across London to go to disability centers and special needs schools, assigning people who are interested in riding bikes to clubs in east and west London.

Bikeworks also works with Motivate East, a community-based sport activation group that was established three years ago with funding from Sport England, a government-funded sports body. Motivate East is a subsidiary of London Legacy Development Corporation, which runs the entire Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 2015 plans for QEOP is to make it a true center of health and wellness with programs for fighting obesity and improving cardiovascular health. As part of this effort, Bikeworks is launching a new disability hub in QEOP in February or March. The GoBoy X4 is for this new club.

“We looked at a conference bike, which is a Dutch bike that allows five people to sit in a circle and pedal. We think the GoBoy X4 is more practical because with all riders facing in the same direction, it looks more like normal transportation,” Jim said. “The whole idea is to get more people engaged in biking, regardless of their physical ability.” He believes as we at Rhoades Car do that the more fun you can make exercise, the more likely people are to do it.

And these guys are having fun! That’s Jim Blakemore on the left front with his whippet Bow Belle, seated next to senior mechanic Cameron Jarvis in the driver’s seat. The smiling face in back is Jolyon Whaymand, the All Ability Cycling Program Manager.

Any plans to get Royalty on the GoBoy X4, we had to ask? Jim says not in the near future, but he thinks London Mayor Boris Johnson may attend the launch of the new QEOP disability hub. Then in August, London has a free cycle day, which means everyone can ride a bike in central London. Who knows who might see the GoBoy X4 pedaling past Buckingham Palace?

In the meantime, here’s your chance to own the original 2 person Cycle Car (the same model Prince Harry rode) with our New Year’s sale…15% off for any 2 person Cycle Car with or without a motor!