SOLARide SR4 electric family car


The SOLARide SR4 gives you the same features as the SR2 model except that it holds four people.

With the Rhoades Car SOLARide SR4 you can have two people in front do all the pedaling and the two in the rear enjoy the ride. But don’t forget that you have the electric-assist motor to help provide power!

For families, add the bench seat in the rear that will fit three small children or even a car seat. You could also leave off the back seats entirely and add the Rhoades Waggin flatbed accessory for cargo or for your furry friends! Can it get any better?

SOLARide SR4 Specifications

Wheel Base77 ¾”
Tip-To-Tip Length112″
Tip-To-Tip Width55″
Weight308 lbs.
ColorGreen or Blue
FrameJig-welded 2” square steel tube
Front Crank1 piece
Tires26” x 3” black-walls
BrakeDual Mechanical Disc
Cargo Area43” W x 10 L”
Load Capacity700 lbs (distributed appropriately)

Standard Equipment

7-speed gearing
750 watt electric pedal-assist motor
240 watt solar hard top and solar controller
Wall charger
Handlebar steering
Passenger side support bar
Accessory bar
Dual disc brakes featuring parking brakes
26” alloy spoke wheels
Black wall tires
Marine-grade padded seats
Lockable, water-tight cargo box containing your motor components (batteries not included)

Additional upgrades and options are available for this model. Please note that the pictures above include extra upgrades.