Referral Program

Calling all current Rhoades Car owners!

Refer someone to us, and if they buy a new Rhoades Car, you’ll get a check for up to $300. It’s that simple!

This program was designed for people who purchase a Rhoades Car and want to make a portion (or ALL) of their investment back. Everyone who purchases a Rhoades Car is automatically enrolled in our Rhoades Referral Program. Upon delivery of your Rhoades Car, there will be a referral packet attached to the bike.

The referral packet contains a supply of catalogs and referral cards with a special number on the card. That number is specific to you and you only. The only thing you have to do is hand a card to anyone who asks about your bike (and believe me, they WILL ask). When they call the Rhoades Car number and mention that number, your number is forever engraved on that record. If that customer EVER buys a Rhoades Car, you will automatically get a check for UP TO $300 (depending on the size model each person buys). It’s that simple!