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Five Must-Have Free Apps for Biking

Photo from Flickr by SimonQ錫濛譙

Photo from Flickr by SimonQ錫濛譙

If you’re heading out on a bike ride, you’re more than likely traveling light. And there’s no reason not to. With the multitude of resources available for download to your smartphone or tablet, you can have all the information you need just a touch away.

If you’re an avid bicyclist – or just a casual rider with an adventurous streak – here are five free apps that you’ll want to download today.

5 Must-Have Free Apps for Biking

1. MapMyRide

What’s it for? Tracking and planning routes.

Named one of the five best bike route mapping apps by Mashable, MapMyRide allows you to choose from already existing routes (great if you’re in a new area!) or map your own. If you’re a competitive biker, you can track your nutrition performance and access training tools.

Available: iOS, Android, Blackberry

2. BikeBrain

What’s it for? Route tracking, workout timing and speed.

Also on Mashable’s list, BikeBrain is the ultimate for the bicyclist who also seeks an excessive amount of data. This app can track everything from heart rate to biking speed and distance – even cadence and altitude. Biologic, the company behind the app, also sells a multitude of phone accessories specifically for bikers, including handlebar mounts and hard protective cases.

Available: iOS only

3. Wi-Fi Finder by JiWire

What’s it for? Finding nearby locations with Wi-Fi

Maybe not the first thing you’re thinking about when jumping on your bike, but if you’re in the need for Wi-Fi in the middle of your ride, this is the perfect app for you. Named to Inc. Magazine’s “10 Best Apps for Travel,” you can quickly find the Wi-Fi you’re looking for. It uses your phone’s GPS function to tell you where the closest hotspot is and gives you directions to get there. On a biking trip overseas? No problem. The most recent version of the app has indexed more than 650,000 locations in 144 countries.

Available: iOS, Android

4. Around Me

What’s it for? Finding restaurants, attractions, banks/ATMs near your location.

Maybe a bit more practical than the Wi-Fi Finder, AroundMe is another app that takes advantage of the GPS function on your phone to provide you with a list of nearby restaurants, coffee shops, banks and other attractions. It’s great for those rides when you stayed out longer or traveled farther than you initially planned … or if you’re biking in an unfamiliar neighborhood or city.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

5. WeatherBug

What’s it for? Location-specific weather forecasts.

There’s nothing worse than going for a bike ride and getting caught in the rain … because you forgot to check the forecast.

There are a multitude of free weather apps available for your phone. We like this one because of its precise location data and lightning information. Other good free options according to Re/Code are Yahoo Weather and The Weather Channel.

Available: iOS, Android

What About You?

What’s your favorite app for hitting the roads? Please leave us a comment to share it with the RhoadesCar Community.