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Rhoades Car – Bucking the Trend

The SportPed by Rhoades CarCool Ride - side-by-side

The July edition of Bicycle Retailer is hot off the press.  It’s the annual bicycle industry stats issue. One article states that “The bicycle retail market remained essentially flat dollar-wise in 2011, ticking up 1.1% to $6 billion.”  It appears that many of those imported bikes from China and Taiwan are still sitting on store shelves.

Not the case at Rhoades Car!  2011 sales at Rhoades Car were up 26% versus the industry average of 1.1% and in 2012 – are you ready for this – sales are up over 60% year to date!  How can one company buck the trend like Rhoades Car?  After all, we are a 21 year old company, we manufacture a “pricey” product and our economy is in the dumpster, right?  Do you think it has anything to do with our Made-in-the-USA philosophy?  Could it be that we constantly create new products that appeal to new demographics? Maybe it’s our diverse advertising program and social media presence.  Could it be our interactive website with over 1.5 million visitors?  Do you think it has anything to do with our incredibly talented and excited staff when people call in to discuss our products?  You may have guessed the answer. It’s not just one of those reasons – it’s ALL of them combined and more!

You see, we have created a culture of fun at Rhoades Car.  We want our employees to enjoy working here, we want our website visitors to enjoy their time on our site, we want our Facebook friends to enjoy reading about Rhoades Car even if they never buy one, and we want the delivery people to enjoy delivering each and every Rhoades Car to our customers.  But our ultimate goal is for each of our customers to love their Rhoades Car! So we’ll continue to reach out to tell our story at every opportunity and hopefully, we can keep up the upward sales trend of a true Made-in-the-USA brand!

Don’t keep us a secret – please tell your friends about Rhoades Car.