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Get Involved in National Bike Month

Photo by Tejvan Pettinger

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? The League of American Bicyclists, which has been around since 1880, has encouraged communities across the nation to participate in events and activities celebrating the benefits of biking.

The most popular event of the month is Bike to Work Day, which is May 16. Bike to Work Week is May 12-16. Why encourage people to ride their bikes to work? The League offers the following statistics:

  • More than half of the population of the United States lives within 5 miles of their workplace.
  • Bicycling is rapidly growing as a means of transportation to and from the office. In cities the organization has deemed “Bicycle Friendly Communities,” commuting rates increased 80 percent from 2000 to 2011.
  • In the 70 largest U.S. cities, bicycle commuting is has increased 90.1 percent from 1990 to 2012.

Many cities across the country are participating in unique Bike to Work Day activities. Here are a few of our favorites:

In San Francisco, Bike to Work Day will be held on May 8 (rather than May 16). The 20th annual event is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of bicycling commuters.

In New York City, Transportation Alternatives is challenging work places to see which office can bike to work the most from May 12-16. Companies are competing for the title of NYC’s Happiest Workplace, bragging rights, and undisclosed but “awesome” prizes.

The Sacramento Region is challenging its residents to log 2 million miles on their bikes during the month of May. Employers have the ability to compete as well, with companies divided into small, medium and large categories.

In Ohio, the Dayton Five Rivers MetroParks is offering a delicious incentive for Bike to Work Day – a pancake breakfast for participants, complete with games and a photo booth.

Sound like fun? Interested in getting your office involved? Bicycling Magazine offers the following suggestions in encouraging your colleagues to participate in biking to work:

  • Ask. Send an email encouraging participation.
  • Remember the children. Find a way to encourage parents to ride with their children. Maybe create a “convoy” of parents and children riding together.
  • Show the way. Provide a map of routes to the office that are safe for biking.

Also, do some quick research prior to creating your event. It’s very likely there are additional offices already participating in some sort of community or city-wide effort. See what you can do to join in to those as well.

There are more events in National Bike Month as well.

CycloFemme is a bike event held nationwide on Mother’s Day (May 11), encouraging women to ride. As of mid-April, more than 90 cities in 13 countries had announced rides and events in connection with the day.

For the kids, May 7 has been declared National Bike/Walk to School Day. Similar to Bike to Work Day, it’s an event that encourages kids to seek alternative transportation with their parents and friends. The event’s website has a ton of information on suggested event activities for the kids, how to get the school and community involved and safety tips.

How about you? Are you in?

By working with either your employer to participate in Bike to Work Day or your school or PTA to participate in Bike/Walk to School Day, you’re encouraging others to consider a healthier alternative to commuting. It’s also a great way to build community with your coworkers or other families in your school district.

If your workplace or school is already planning on participating, be sure you get involved! Ride your bike (or your Rhoades Car) and encourage your kids to ride theirs as well. See what you can do to help promote biking in your community and spread the word.

Are you participating? Share a link to your local group in the comments please. We would love to learn more about how and where you’ll be cycling during National Bike Month.

Rhoades Car Looking to Expand its Exclusive Dealer Network

Looking for a way to earn additional income, set your own schedule and have some fun?

Rhoades Car, a certified Made-in-the-USA manufacturer of 4-wheel quadracycles, is looking to expand its dealer network and the great news is that you do NOT have to be a bike shop to be a Rhoades Car dealer.  You do not even need a brick and mortar location. Our main requirement is that you participate in area shows and demos where people can test drive your Rhoades Car floor models.


All of our dealers receive a special dealer packet so they can promote their Rhoades Car display models at events where people congregate.

Opening Order Dealer Package Includes:

  • Four of our top-selling models for your display/exhibit
  • Exclusive Territory – no other dealer competition
  • Exclusive territory listing on the Rhoades Car website and a customized dealer  website
  • High commission on every Rhoades Car sale
  • 10’ x 10’ commercial-grade display tent with 4 zippered side walls, awning and stakes
  • One – 3’ x 10’ Rhoades Car Authorized Dealer Banner for inside your tent with full-color photos of our most popular models for you to promote
  • One – Pull up modular trade show display (28” x 84”)
  • Initial supply of 250 full-color Residential Catalogs and price sheets featuring every Rhoades Car model and available options
  • Initial supply of 250 Industrial Line Catalogs and price sheets
  • Customized Rhoades Car Business Card identifying you as an official Rhoades Car Authorized Dealer that you can have printed locally
  • Comprehensive dealer training program at our Hendersonville, TN factory
  • Consumer Financing program available to close sales

This unique program was developed by Rhoades Car because, quite simply, we want people from all over the country to be able to test drive a Rhoades Car without having to drive to the factory in Tennessee. Your display models act as your test drive vehicles and people who visit you and want to place an order, do so with YOU. You just call the order into Rhoades Car and we handle the transaction, place the order into our production schedule and ship the order directly to your customer (or to you, if you prefer).

The best news is that you’ll make a HIGH COMMISSION on every sale you make, and you don’t have to worry about anything else! There is even a financing program available for credit qualified customers at your events.

Think about the exhibiting opportunities you’ll have right in your area – county fairs, craft fairs, RV parks, gated community clubhouses, health clubs, retirement community expos, healthy living shows, green shows, industrial shows, civic events, parades, and more – the sky is the limit! Set up takes less than 15 minutes and your bikes are your display!

IMG_2687 Total Initial Investment: $22,500 (including crating and shipping of initial 4 models). 13-month financing is available for credit-qualified candidates.

To learn more about the Rhoades Car Exclusive Dealer Program,  call us at 800-531-2737.  For more details on this exciting program, click here.

Don’t miss this great opportunity.  Call 800-531-2737 for more information.

Economic Forecast Right for Rhoades Car

“Calmer waters lie ahead for the economy”, according to the 1/10/14 edition of The Kiplinger Letter.  Knight Kiplinger has been my favorite forecaster for over 30 years, mainly because he is usually right. GDP growth is up, he says, along with job gains and home buying.

We can all let out a deep breath after hearing that one. Even if he is only half right, life will improve for many.

Mr. Kiplinger doesn’t just stick to economic forecasts. He also thinks urban dwellers are steadily rising as people want to live closer to workplaces, shopping, schools, and other community gathering places. Some even want to give up car ownership. We are already seeing much of this as golf carts zoom through neighborhoods and out to a nearby grocery store. This makes sense as people aren’t likely to forget the economic downtown we’ve just lived through and look for more frugal ways to live.

Saving car maintenance is good, but we at Rhoades Car believe it isn’t enough. Daily exercise should be in there somewhere as the Centers for Disease Control repeatedly tells us that 2/3 of Americans are overweight and 1/3 obese. These high numbers mean increasing cases of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, multiple joint replacements, and the like, which can lead to less quality time with our family due to health issues. Ultimately, health issues like these lead to shortened life spans, which cuts family time too short…something most of us don’t even want to think about.

So don’t go down that road. The Rhoades Car SOLARped can solve the problem by allowing its riders to pedal side-by-side in separate gears, engaging the solar-powered motor only when needed as a pedal-assist. Need to drop the kids off? No problem. Just add a back seat – bench or bucket – to your basket for holding the groceries. Add a weather cover in cooler climates. All this, and still made in the USA.

Are we looking at the car of the future?SOLARped P2



Rhoades Car International Announces New Financing Option

For Immediate Release                                         

HENDERSONVILLE, TN — July 24, 2013 —Rhoades Car International, the nation’s leading 4-wheel bicycle manufacturer, today announced a new customer financing option – the Baker’s Dozen 13 month lease program.   

“It’s actually pretty simple; in the Baker’s Dozen program, you take the amount that you want to finance and divide it by twelve and then add one more payment of the same amount for a total of 13 payments,” explained Customer Service Manager, Holly Skinner.  “This new program will give folks who qualify the ability to purchase a Rhoades Car today and spread the payments over 13 months.  It’s exactly what people have been asking for,” Skinner added. 

There are just two steps to the special financing program:

1.       Customers complete the Consumer Lease Application

2.       Credit is evaluated by the lender and scored to determine overall approval and up-front payment requirements

Phyllis Shelton, Rhoades Car Vice President of Sales, added “For years we’ve been looking for a financing program to help the masses purchase a Rhoades Car.  We finally have an affordable solution.”

Rhoades Car International, headquartered in Hendersonville, Tennessee, offers a unique line of four-wheel bicycles for residential and industrial use.  Celebrating its 22nd year in business in 2013, the company relies on local suppliers that share the high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes – proudly made in the USA!

For more information about the Baker’s Dozen program, call Rhoades Car at 800-531-2737 or send an email to info@rhoadescar.com.  Information about the program is also on the company’s website www.RhoadesCar.com.

Rhoades Car Customer Not Worried About Soaring Gas Prices!

By Beth Baker

Director of Customer Relations, Rhoades Car International

David King of central Wyoming isn’t worried about $5 a gallon gas — because he’s been riding a Rhoades Car for the past 13 years!  A few days ago, we received this unsolicited email from David:

I just thought you might like to know that my single-seat Rhoades Car, which is 13 years old, is still rolling along the highways and byways of central Wyoming. And I, at the age of 72, am still happily pushing its pedals. Thank you for a helluva lotta enjoyment and good health over the years!”

We’re thrilled that David has had 13 years of Rhoades Car enjoyment and wish him many more.  Did you notice that he mentioned “enjoyment and health” in his email?  Not only is he saving money on gas by riding a Rhoades, but he is staying in shape and having a great time!

Funny thing about rising gas prices – as gas prices soar so do sales of Rhoades Cars.  So far in 2012, sales are up over 100%.  Why?  Because riding a Rhoades can be a solution for many people as an alternative means of transportation in order to save money on gas AND get much needed exercise. Add in our 1 hp electric-assist motor option and it becomes a hybrid (pedal power and electric motor combo). That is one of the major reasons we were named Tennessee Green Business Innovator of the Year in 2011.

According to a recent study from the Oil Price Information Service, fuel prices are up 13.6% from a year ago and 76% higher than in December 2008. A FoxNews.com article earlier this week stated, “Americans spent 8.4 percent of their household income on gasoline last year when gas averaged $3.51 a gallon — that’s double the percentage a decade ago.”  No way around it – we’re headed for a big spike in gas prices again in 2012.  It’s time to look for alternatives!

Although the majority of our sales are here in the USA, we have individuals, couples and families all over the world ordering our 4-wheel bikes and many of them are adding our electric-assist motor option.  With gasoline prices climbing dramatically, gas savings is important but family health and overall fitness weigh heavily in the decision too.  So riding a Rhoades is a true win-win-win!  You get gas savings, exercise AND family fun.  After all, we need more Leave it to Beaver and less Virtual Reality in our society.  This is a great way for families to recapture that special time together.

A few weeks ago, Rhoades Car was featured on the Emmy award-winning and #1 locally produced PBS show in the country – Tennessee Crossroads.  They did a great job of showing how we are a Certified Made-in-The-USA product so when you purchase a Rhoades Car, you are supporting American workers. Here’s a link to the 6 ½ minute segment –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXN7Rv1Ly-c&feature=plcp&context=C33f14bfUDOEgsToPDskJxOGrtb3kGPRkGT3KHdg-M

So whether you are young or old, married or single, short or tall, overweight or skin and bones, have a small family or a large family, there’s a 1, 2 or 4 seat Rhoades Car 4-wheel bike just for you.  Just ask David King who is in his 13th year of riding his 1-person Rhoades Car!

For more information about Rhoades Car International, visit www.RhoadesCar.com, call 800-531-2737 or send an email to news@rhoadescar.com.


Electric Bike Popularity Growing

by Bill Pomakoy

President, Rhoades Car International

Electric Bicycle (aka “e-bike”) sales are growing dramatically worldwide.  As a matter of fact, at Rhoades Car in 2011, there was an electric-assist motor on approximately 20% of the 4-wheel quardacycles that left our Hendersonville, TN factory – up from just under 10% in 2010.  It shows that many people are not only looking for an alternate means of transportation – but many like an optional boost of power when needed without adding to the carbon footprint issue.

The 1/1/12 issue of Bicycling Retailer has a good article on electric bike sales that is really geared to retailers but the facts are the facts – whether you are a retailer or the end purchaser.  Although they don’t state it in the article, it is obvious that the results are based on e-bike sales in the US, not international sales. Some of the findings may surprise you:

  • Most purchasers of electric bikes are generally NOT cyclists and most have not ridden a bike in years
  • Most purchasers are couples and they typically buy two e-bikes (not always at the same time)
  • The average e-bike owner is 59+
  • More than half of e-bike sales are to women and they expect a wide range of colors to choose from
  • People who purchase e-bikes are very social and tell their friends about their purchase

For me, the most surprising statement in the article was this one —  “While buyers might justify their purchase with saving money on gas, getting exercise and being green, the real reason they buy an e-bike is plain and simple: FUN!”  Who can argue with that? We’re all looking for ways to have fun, right?  More on that later.

The bottom line seems to be that electric bike sales should continue to grow in the US and around the world.  In a 2010 published report, PikeResearch concluded that “The worldwide electric two-wheel vehicle market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 9% through 2016″.

To put things in perspective, according to the latest Electric Bikes Worldwide Report, US e-Bike sales were projected to hit 220,000 units in 2009, a two-year sales increase of 83 percent from 2007. In that same time period, 750,000 e-Bike sales were forecasted for Europe- up from 250,000 units in 2007.  But guess who leads the pack on e-bike production AND usage?  You guessed it – China.  The China Bicycle Association reported that China has 70 million electric bikes on the road and 1,400 electric bicycle manufacturers who produce around 5.5 million e-bike units a year.

The unfortunate part of the message once again – just like with regular bicycles – is that the vast majority of e-bikes are NOT produced in the USA.  If you read my June blog , you know that I a firm believer that we need to get back to making products right here in the USA – just like we do at Rhoades Car. We’re the exception – and we need to be the rule!

Here’s how we do it at Rhoades Car:

  • All Rhoades Car major components, including proprietary steel frames, are made in Tennessee – not in China or Taiwan
  • Powder coating is applied in Madison, Tennessee
  • Seats are manufactured in Memphis, TN and soon in Augusta, GA
  • Mag wheels are manufactured in Redding, CA
  • Canopies are handmade by a small upholstery shop in Hendersonville, TN
  • Shipping crate material is purchased locally
  • Axles, steering columns, tirods and all proprietary machined parts are manufactured by various small companies – ALL located in the United States of America

I promised to get back to the “FUN” comment earlier in the blog.  It should come as no surprise that the most popular models at Rhoades Car are our 2-person side-by-side models (GoBoy, SportPed and Cycle Car Series all offer 2-person models.  SportPed and CycleCar Series both offer 4-person family models).  The reason IS the “FUN” factor just like the Bicycle Retailer article suggests.  Our 2-person quadracycles are so much more FUN than riding on separate bikes or even a tandem.  Why?  Because you can have conversation with your pedal-mate because you’re side-by-side AND you’re getting exercise.  How’s that for a win-win? Plus, you can add the electric-assist electric motor feature if you want a little help with those hills or you are just plum worn out 5 miles into the ride and want a little help getting home.

As I wrote back in the June blog, “It is possible to produce products that are truly made in the USA and every time we do it benefits American families.  We do it at Rhoades Car and there are many more companies out there just like us that need your support.  If we can all focus on buying American-made products, we can get the USA back to once again being the global leader. But it will take sacrifices to get there.

It’s a New Year and time to refocus on buying American-made products.   Come on now, you read the back of the food labels when you are looking to cut calories or check the sodium content so you can do it to look for American-made products.  So please, the next time you go to a store to purchase an item, read the label and buy the one that says – “Proudly Made in the USA”.

Happy New Year everyone! And be sure to visit us often at www.RhoadesCar.com.

Rhoades Car International Wins Tennessee Green Business Innovator of the Year Award

For Immediate Release
May 2, 2011

Rhoades Car International Wins Tennessee Green Business Innovator of the Year Award

HENDERSONVILLE, TN — May 2, 2011 — Rhoades Car International, the nation’s leading 4-wheel bicycle manufacturer, received the coveted Tennessee Green Business Innovator of the Year Award at the Green Business Leadership Award ceremony on April 22, 2011 at the Nashville Convention Center.

Rhoades Car was recognized along with nine other individuals or organizations in various categories, including Nissan, for its Leaf electric car.  The awards were sponsored by Lipscomb University’s Institute for Sustainable Practice and the award winners were selected by a committee of business and non-profit representatives from within a statewide sustainable business roundtable.

“This award means so much because we have been on a mission to bring a safe and sustainable means of 4-wheel transportation to all industries,” noted Bill Pomakoy, President of Rhoades Car International.  “Rhoades Car 4-wheel Industrial Bikes are the perfect solution for industrial facilities looking to reduce emissions as well as lower factory vehicle acquisition and maintenance costs and the award acknowledges that.  I’m so proud of the entire Rhoades Car team who worked so hard to achieve this milestone,” he added.

Sustainability encompasses more than renewable products and energy.  Rhoades Car International has a multi-faceted approach to product development which includes innovative design, sustainable techniques, and a broad range of thoughtful uses for companies and individuals desiring to create a more sustainable environment.

The Rhoades Car Industrial line of 4-wheel bicycles supports sustainability beyond the traditional replacement of equipment within an industry.  According to Rhoades Car’s sustainability coordinator, Julie Alexander, the industrial line, when placed within a daily working routine for employees, induces a sustainable workforce.  “When a company shows they care about their employees’ health and wellness, employees have a more intrinsic reason for remaining in their current positions.  Exercise can boost employee morale, reduce stress, absenteeism, employee turnover, and overall costs of operations because companies who care create a sustainable workforce.”

In conjunction with creating a sustainable workforce, businesses can work with some insurance companies to reduce their insurance premiums by offering opportunities during the work day to exercise.  Rhoades Car bicycles provide employers and employees with the ability to exercise throughout the work day and the ability to increase profit margins. “Rhoades Car strives to convey an overall approach to wellness in the workplace as an opportunity to have fun while reaping the benefits of increased morale when utilizing these innovative 4-wheel bicycles during work hours,” continues Alexander.  “Being named the Tennessee Green Business Innovator of the Year is an honor, and hopefully will allow more businesses to hear about opportunities the Rhoades Car 4-wheel bikes offer working environments.”

Rhoades Car International, headquartered in Hendersonville, Tennessee, offers a unique line of four-wheel bicycles for residential and industrial use.  Celebrating its 20th year in business in 2011, the company relies on local suppliers that share the high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes – proudly made in the USA!

For more information about Rhoades Car International, visit www.RhoadesCar.com, call 800-531-2737 or send an email to Julie@rhoadescar.com.

Click here for a printble PDF version

Rhoades Car International: Health, Wellness, and Sustainability!

By Julie Alexander Government Contracts, Grants and Sustainability Coordinator

Last year I had no idea four-wheel bicycles even existed, yet here I am, working with an amazing company, promoting, not just a bicycle, but an experience.  My name is Julie Alexander and I am the government contracts, grants, and sustainability coordinator for Rhoades Car International.  Part of my job is to help create the whole Rhoades Car experience and then promote it.  Admittedly I’m full of ideas, and I’m always ready to pounce on them immediately, but our dutiful CEO has to pull the reigns with a “whoa Nelly….slow down” every once in a while!  I can’t help myself as I know Rhoades Car has the potential to change the way our world looks at a “family ride” and the way our businesses look at health, wellness, and sustainability.

Rhoades Car has developed a line of industrial bicycles to address a need for eco-friendly transportation for businesses, and to address a need for employees to exercise while they work (makes me think of the seven dwarfs’ “whistle while you work” J).  I imagine these bikes replacing military gators, golf carts, and gas powered vehicles, while conserving energy, boosting employee morale and saving money.

Rhoades’ Industrial line is the perfect work truck solution for industrial facilities committed to going green. Rhoades Industrial Bikes are simply the most efficient means of factory transportation today! Not only will your emissions be eliminated, but your employees will be fit and that can have a positive impact on overall morale, health insurance and workers comp premiums, and sustainability! Can you imagine the maintenance costs on your work vehicles being virtually eliminated? And I haven’t even mentioned the safety factor.  Four-wheel bikes are so much more stable than 2 and 3-wheel factory transportation.

In addition to sustainability, and workplace health and wellness, Rhoades Car is in the midst of designing an exciting addition to our recreational line of bicycles that will address personal health and wellness.  Along with the new Rhoades Cross-Trainer model, I have created a 90 Day Rhoades to Wellness program designed around both the ComfortRide and the new cross-trainer model.  We believe we can make an impact on the obesity epidemic with these exercise bicycles and our unique program.

It’s hard to swallow that “thirty-three states had a prevalence of obesity equal to or greater than 25%; nine of these states (Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia) had a prevalence of obesity equal to or greater than 30%” in 2009, as seen in the chart below (CDC 2010).

Percent of Obese (BMI > 30) in U.S. Adults

Obesity is a leading cause of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a plethora of other ailments.  The food we consume contributes to arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, headaches, and several other disorders.

Rhoades Car International is committed to educating and providing an avenue for health, wellness, and sustainability efforts.

Stay tuned for frequent updates and helpful hints related to sustainability; eating well; healthy, delicious recipes; exercise routines; and information on changing poor habits into life changing lifestyles!

Rhoades Car CEO Places Focus on FUN – Just Released Podcast

by Bill Pomakoy

Earlier this week, I was interviewed for a podcast by Martin Kreig, an extraordinary individual and bicycle industry enthusiast.  (see below for more information on Martin). It turns out that Martin is also a very thorough interviewer!


Here are some of the questions he asked and I answered:

  • What exactly IS a Rhoades Car?
  • How did you get involved in the company?
  • How many Rhoades Car models/options are there?
  • What new products do you have up your sleeve?
  • Do you offer industrial models?
  • What are they like on hills? How many gears do you offer?
  • How do you ship them?  How much does it cost to ship?
  • Tell me about the whole Rhoades Car experience you mentioned where people can come and visit and even fish in the stocked lake!

That should give you a flavor for the interview.  Here is the link to the podcast:


About Martin Kreig –After suffering paralysis and a coma as the result of injuries from a car accident, Martin has crossed the country twice on a bike; written a book about his experiences and is working hard to build the National Bicycle Greenway, an interconnected network of safe bikeable roads and paths. Be sure to visit his website — www.bikeroute.com


Rhoades Car International Releases New “The Making of a Rhoades Car” Video

For Immediate Release
March 07, 2011

Rhoades Car International Releases New “The Making of a Rhoades Car” Video

HENDERSONVILLE, TN – March 7, 2011 – Rhoades Car International, the nation’s leading four-wheel bicycle manufacturer, announced today that it has released a new 15-minute video that features exactly how a Rhoades Car 4-wheel bicycle is made.

“For years, Rhoades Car enthusiasts have asked to see how our 4-wheel quad bikes are manufactured. Now, with the improvements in internet technology, we can deliver on that request” noted company President, Bill Pomakoy. The new video is available through a link on the company’s website at www.RhoadesCar.com.

“Given the fact that 99.53% of all 20”+ wheel bikes owned by US citizens are made in either Taiwan or China, we’re very proud of the fact that we are MADE IN THE USA and we prominently display the Made in the USA logo on our website. What you WON’T see when you watch the video is a high speed assembly-line operation. What you WILL see is how we hand make each and every Rhoades Car with great attention to detail,” added Pomakoy. In addition to the new video, Rhoades Car also offers free tours of its Hendersonville, TN factory for those who call ahead.

The company prides itself in using locally made components in its manufacturing process wherever possible. “We partner with as many local suppliers as we can. By doing so, we are controlling the quality of the components as well as helping the local economy – and our country needs more companies to do just that,” noted Chris Spann, Director of Manufacturing.

Rhoades Car International, headquartered in the Hendersonville, Tennessee, offers a unique line of “four-wheel bikes that drive like a car” including 1-person, 2-person and 4-person models in a variety of configurations. Rhoades Car models are even available with an electric-assist feature – a small electric motor powered by two 12-volt batteries. The company relies on local companies that share the high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes – proudly made in the USA!

For more information about Rhoades Car International, visit www.RhoadesCar.com, call 800-531-2737 or send an email to news@rhoadescar.com.


Click here to view the video


Click here for a printable PDF version