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Rhoades Car International is the People’s Choice!

Written by: Julie Alexander

Recently, Rhoades Car President Bill Pomakoy, and Vice President of Marketing Phyllis Shelton attended the Eco-Expo in Chattanooga, TN to showcase the variety of 4-wheel bicycles Rhoades Car International creates.

The Eco-Expo is in its third year running, and its purpose is to educate patrons from Tennessee and Georgia about “products and services they can use to live greener lives, save money by living green, and participate in efforts to keep the region green,” (ChattanoogaEcoExpo.com).

Rhoades Car was a featured vendor at the expo, along with several other green companies showcasing their products and services.  The 2011 Expo spotlighted award-winning exhibits in four categories: creativity, resourcefulness, sustainability, and people’s choice.  The awards were designed by a local artist named Michael Wimmer who is known for his recycled and re-purposed 3-D artwork.

There were a thousand plus visitors to the expo this past year, and every one of them were asked to rate the vendors/exhibitors.  Amazingly, amongst several incredibly innovative companies, Rhoades Car International was voted, overwhelmingly, the People’s Choice Award!

It was an honor and a privilege to be named the People’s Choice, and we will not take it for granted.  We will continually strive to enrich people’s lives in a green and fun way.  Our brains are quite literally rolling with ideas and concepts to persistently improve our already unique line of “green producing machines” (and by machines, I do mean the people who happen to use our lovely product line!).

Eco-Expo: People's Choice Award

Bill and Phyllis Showcasing Our First People's Choice Award