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Five Tips for Living Greener

Photo by ronnieb

Photo by ronnieb

With Earth Day tomorrow, the entire month of April has been designated as Earth Month.  In honor of this celebration of preservation and conservation, many magazines and online publications have offered up lists of suggestions of simple things we can all do to help preserve the environment.

We’ve gone through those lists and selected five of our favorites below.

Have some suggestions of your own? Leave a comment below and share your ideas.

1.  Use a reusable water bottle.

Here’s a sobering statistic, courtesy of Real Simple magazine: Every hour, Americans use 3.3 million plastic water bottles. Of those bottles, only 1 in 5 are recycled.

Not only does a reusable water bottle reduce waste and plastic consumption, but it also helps your pocketbook. Reusable water bottles are significantly cheaper than buying bottled water each month. If filtration is a concern, consider purchasing a pitcher with a filter or a faucet-mounted filter. While they may be more expensive up front, they’ll save you money in the long run.

2. Take shopping bags with you.

Another Real Simple statistic: Americans households use around 100 billion plastic bags annually. Yes, 100 billion. Of those bags, only 1 percent are ever recycled.

Reusable shopping bags are very inexpensive and again serve as another way to reduce plastic consumption.

3. Reconsider your laundry habits.

Several publications offered suggestions regarding that dreaded chore – laundry. Real Simple recommended reconsidering how often you wash certain items of clothing. Not everything needs to be laundered after a single wearing. It is possible to get more than one wear out of that cardigan or pair of jeans.

HGTV suggests only using your washer if you have a full load of laundry to do. Products are available to allow for better mixing of laundry loads. By simply consolidating laundry, you can significantly reduce both your water and energy consumption.

4. Reuse things.

We’re all guilty of this one. What things do we routinely throw away that we could easily reuse? How about that cardboard coffee sleeve you got with your drink this morning? Or that plastic sandwich bag that you used for lunch?

Along those same lines, what things around the house that you don’t need any more could you donate instead of throwing away? This is especially true with electronics and items of clothing.

5. Reduce emissions.

HGTV suggests that simple driving tips like making sure your tires are inflated and filters are clean can help improve your fuel efficiency by 25 percent.

But we think we can do better than that. What about reconsidering what kinds of things you need to use your car for? Think about taking your bike – or your Rhoades Car quadricycle (also no emissions) – to run errands or complete short trips.

What do you think?

Not only are all of these things good for the environment, but many of them will also save you money in the long-term as well. That’s a double-win!

Do you do any of the above? How do you live greener?