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Start the National Bike Challenge on May 1st with a Rhoades Car

We often hear the question, “Where can you ride a Rhoades Car?” Our usual answer is through neighborhoods, small towns, parks and greenways. The one person models are barely three feet wide and the 2 person GoBoy is 38.5” wide so many bike lanes will accommodate that width. However, we have two new customer stories that we wanted to share about how a Rhoades Car is being used. They are simply too good not to share!

Retired Air Force Colonel Joel Martin

Ret. Colonel Joel Martin

Ret. Colonel Joel Martin

Colonel Martin and his wife Elizabeth are relocating to the Marshall Islands where he will be working as a tropical meteorologist. Their new residence, the beautiful island of Kwajalein, is about 2300 miles southwest of Hawaii. So the Martins will have a few years in paradise….but a challenge arose in this spectacular move. No cars are allowed on Kwajalein. Colonel Martin is an adventurous soul…his nickname in the military is “Phoon” as he likes to chase typhoons from time to time! So this challenge didn’t deter him at all because he had been seeing Rhoades Car ads in magazines like Popular Mechanics for years and had always wanted one. His new SportPed is just leaving the west coast on a barge this week to Kwajalein. He chose the large curved windshield for its wind resistance and UV ray protection. He chose mag wheels to avoid rust from the nearby salt water. He chose a cargo box so he can transport his equipment easily as he rides around the island. Also of significant interest is that he wants to lose as few pounds and he knows the pedal power will get him there! He told us today that he may upgrade to a pedal assist solar-powered motor once he gets the lay of the land.

We are very excited about having Colonel Martin in the Rhoades Car family because he is a professional photographer and videographer as well. You can see some of his beautiful work here: http://jdavid.smugmug.com/ He will be sending us spectacular pictures of his new Rhoades Car very soon.

But you don’t have to live on an exotic island to enjoy a Rhoades Car.

Dr. Stephanie Timmer

Zooming back to the U.S., Dr. Stephanie Timmer, the only visually impaired member of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team, is riding her 4 seater Cycle Car all over Naperville, IL (population 145,000). She rides it 3 miles through subdivisions to her gym and her throwing field. It’s a quick ride from her condo to downtown Naperville. When she goes to a restaurant, she valet parks. When she has her children, they ride in the back seat. She reports that a Mini-Cooper car cover makes a perfect cover for her Rhoades Car. She is adding a stereo and matching cup holder plus some Olympic decals. Now, she intentionally did not get a motor as she considers pedal power part of her exercise program. The police are very friendly toward her as they view her Cycle Car as a bike.

So these are two great stories that amplify our answer about where one can ride a Rhoades Car. But here’s an additional list from our FAQ page that will make you smile:

  • an eco-friendly family in Greensburg, KS who recently gave up their gas-powered family car for a 4-person Rhoades Cycle Car with electric motor
  • Grandparents in NC who “had the best vacation of their lives” with their teenaged grandchildren
  • An undertaker in Texas who needed a novel way to advertise his business
  • A lady in Ohio, who waged a political campaign from her 2 seat Rhoades Car
  • A guy in Florida starting his second trip around the state by bike
  • A lady from Rochester New York who rode a Greyhound bus to our plant in Tennessee to pick up her 2-person Cycle Car — and then rode it home.
  • The state Governor of a Middle Eastern oil country who had two 4-person Rhoades Car bikes flown over to him. (We’re really not sure what he’s using them for!).

So what you waiting for? The National Bike Challenge starts today! Let People for Bikes (the sponsoring organization) know that you are knockin’ it out of the park on a RHOADES CAR!

National Bike Challenge Starts May 1st

National Bike Challenge Starts May 1st

You know what comes next….mention this article and we will be happy to give you a 15% discount to make it easier for you to acquire your very own Rhoades Car.*

Contact us NOW to discuss your favorite model.

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