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Rhoades Car Owners Experience Significant Weight Loss

The country is fat. Over two-thirds are overweight or obese (68.7%) according to the National Bureau of Health Statistics. Obesity rates have grown from 15% in 1976-80 to 35% today. Why should we care about this growing (pun intended) phenomenon?

“If we fail to reverse our nation’s obesity epidemic, the current generation of young people may be the first in American history to live sicker and die younger than their parents’ generation.” (Source: “F as in Fat 2013: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future”, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 8/13)

This report says an integral part of the solution is to emphasize biking and walking. In other words, shows like Leave It to Beaver and My Three Sons commonly saw kids biking and walking. Shows today spotlight kids on Smart Phones sitting in fast food restaurants or on the couch at home.

We at Rhoades Car see these stats as totally unacceptable and are working hard to contribute to the solution. The following four testimonials from our customers tell what we are doing much better than we can tell you. The first one just came in last week:

Hope you remember us. I am the short little fat lady that u built a bike especially for me. You guys forgot to tell me how hard it was going to be to pedal this bike but I have mastered 14 miles a day and lost 30 pounds. We have given several people your number we are stopped constantly and asked where we got the bike from. People are taking pictures and stop us. It becomes difficult to get in a good ride. It is hard work but I love my bike and it is special to me. I cannot thank you enough for working with us. (Dorothy Zaiger, Glen Haven, FL 030915)

What are the chances she would be going to a gym or some other type of exercise facility? What are the chances she would be walking 14 miles a day? She is riding her Rhoades Car because she loves it. She loves it because it’s something she can DO…SAFELY.

Second, we’ve been reporting regularly on Dean Cagley in White House, TN who has now lost 215 lbs. since January, 2014!  At that time, he was in a wheel chair, facing back surgery for spinal stenosis. He has avoided surgery, now walks without a cane, and is back to work. He rides his Rhoades Car twice a day on a nearby greenway. His wife goes with him in the evening and has maintained a 50 lb. weight loss. Again, let him tell you:

Third, Stella, a 58 year old woman from Arkansas, reported a 42 lb. weight loss on her Rhoades Car, which she loves so much she named “Rhoda”. Many people say “it’s too hilly where I live”. You can see in Stella’s testimonial that she rode it on steep hills while she lost the weight. She moved to a place with flat ground and she says she has to pedal a lot harder and faster to keep up the level of exercise she was used to.

Fourth, a viewer on the Rhoades Car YouTube page had this to say:

“I just want to say that you people have an amazing product, this vehicle is also a good instrument for health and exercise. Can you imagine the overall health benefits that people will get from the use of this vehicle if they made this a core part of their lifestyle followed with a regular diet of fruits and vegetables, especially with the obesity epidemic going on in the nation, this will definitely be a blessing for anyone to own one this will definitely be a blessing for anyone to own one of these, it looks fun too. Keep up the good work and God bless.”   042514

Most people will agree it’s very, very difficult to maintain a diet and exercise program. Tread mills and stair climbers often end up as coat hangers. For the most part, people who invest in a Rhoades Car use it, and that’s a huge reason for these success stories. Moreover, many buy a two-seater because they can exercise with and enjoy spending quality time with someone they care about. Some buy four seaters and it becomes a family affair.

How about you? Need or want to drop some pounds? Want to spend time with someone in a fresh, outdoor setting away from television and video games? Spring is just around the corner and there simply isn’t a better time to enjoy a Rhoades Car. Then you can send us YOUR story and it will be YOU that we are talking about! spring

Maintaining a reasonable weight is not just about looking great. It extends your life so you have more time to spend with the people you love. If you mention this article, we will be happy to give you a 15% discount to make it easier for you to acquire your very own Rhoades Car.* Call us at 800-531-2737 between 8-5 CST Monday – Friday to claim your discount.  

*10% for any one-seater model

Back to School Lunches

file2551276292157Healthy Back-to-School Lunch ideas

Hard to believe it, but for many of us, it’s already time to wrap up the back-to-school shopping and start packing those backpacks for another new school year. (Where did the summer go?)

One of the bigger challenges when it comes to school time – especially with older children and teens – is creating a healthy, tasty packed lunch. Eating a healthy lunch is particularly important for middle and high schoolers. Not only does it increase energy, it begins building the foundation of healthy eating as they continue to grow and eventually graduate and head to college. It’s shocking to know that childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. Let’s get them eating healthy creative lunches.

But turkey sandwiches and celery sticks can be boring, right?

So here are some more creative – yet not overly complicated – lunch offerings for the tween and teen in your life.

Chicken Pita

Suggested by Seventeen magazine, the chicken pita replaces the basic sandwich with a simple yogurt-based chicken salad (no mayonnaise!) and a slice of pita bread.


Bon Appetit magazine offers several tasty and fun suggestions, including this twist on a traditional BLT. What’s the A you ask? Avocado, of course. By creating this as a wrap and not a sandwich, it also makes it easier to transport – simply wrap in aluminum foil, parchment or wax paper and you’re good to go!

Avocado/Carrot/Cucumber Sushi

This one wins for appearance, hands down. Start with sushi rice, then roll avocado, carrots and cucumber. Don’t forget a packet or two of soy sauce as well. It’ll be the hit of the lunchroom!

BBQ Chicken Sloppy Joes

It’s a sandwich that has the luxury of being delicious, whether it’s served hot or cold. And it begins with a simple trip to the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken. Shred the chicken, then add carrots and barbecue sauce and some cilantro or parsley for good measure. Bon Appetit recommends a whole wheat bun, but this would work in a wrap or on sliced bread as well – just pack the meat separately to avoid a soggy mess!

Soba Salad with Chicken and Cabbage

The problem with packing a traditional salad for lunch is the dressing. If you dress the salad before scrambling to the bus stop in the morning, you’ll have soggy greens. And packing dressings can be tricky and lead to accidental sticky lunch bags. Enter this salad, which solves the dressing issue by making its bed of cabbage rather than lettuce, which reduces the sogginess. It’s light and crunchy and crisp … and full of flavor.

Pizza Pasta Salad

Another fun option, especially for teens, is this unique twist on pizza from BBC’s GoodFood. It includes pesto and tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and basil and is not only tasty, but can be a beautiful presentation as well.

Or, if that one’s not quite doing it for your favorite high schooler, here’s a variation from Real Simple magazine, which combines pasta, spinach, tomatoes and salami.

See? Healthy lunches don’t have to be boring at all! Combine healthy eating with a Rhoades Car in your life, and your kids will be much healthier.

Do you have any other creative and healthy lunch options for your older child, tween or teen? Share them in the comments below please.

Rhoades Car – forward thinking!

We have a ground swell of interest building on Facebook and around the country. We’ve had a cult following on the internet for many years. Who are we? We manufacture the Rhoades Car, the four-wheel bike that drives like a car.

Phyllis Shelton, Vice President

Phyllis Shelton, Vice President

Here’s a list of the forward-thinking applications:

Wellness: We make four wheel bikes with 1, 2, or 4 seats that are stable and don’t tip, and we can brand them to wellness programs. The stability expands biking to millions more people. We have a ComfortRide which is a one-person with a 20″ wide seat that is extremely comfortable and easily holds up to 350 lbs. We have a two seater that allows two people or employees to exercise together and have a great visit at the same time! The two-seat ConnectBike (GoBoy) takes up less room that two people riding two-wheel bikes side by side. It’s much more fun to ride a bike outside than in a gym and enjoy the beautiful weather, and many families or companies are close to a greenway or have walk/bike trails already built.

Obesity/Disabled: People who are weight-challenged, have balance issues or certain disabilities can enjoy the experience of biking without the worry of falling. The two- or Polio Survivor Bike with Crutchesfour-seaters allow a healthy person to take a disabled person – even a blind person – out for exercise as well. As an example of forward-thinking, the Governor of Ohio just signed a law recognizing four wheel bikes as perfectly legal wherever 2 or 3 wheel bikes can go. This happened as a result of a family who bought one for their autistic son in Lakewood, Ohio and the local police wrote them a ticket for having a toy on the streets. The disability community fought it and with our help, it wound up on the Governor’s desk who agreed with all of us that it is a full-fledged vehicle.

Industrial Fitness: Another really exciting thing is we offer a complete line of industrial bikes. Companies are using golf carts that allow no exercise or three wheel bikes that tip. IMG_7966Our bikes are safe and include an optional motor for a pedal assist for hauling a lot of weight. So this way employees can exercise throughout the day WHILE THEY ARE WORKING…so it builds fitness right into the job! You can see them here: http://www.rhoadescar.com/go-boy-industrial-series.html

Social connection (“Leave It to Beaver” vs. Virtual Reality): The four seater versions make it fun for the whole family to spend quality time together at a time when families are more fragmented due to kids preferring online games. Kids of all ages love the Rhoades Car. Thanks to the Tennessee Tech senior design engineering class who designed it as a jaceyclass project, this year we are coming out with a four person Connect-Bike (Go-Boy) that will allow all four people to pedal…then four friends, family members or employees can exercise together! The optional motor makes it possible to use them as sustainable transportation in neighborhoods instead of golf carts. We have a number of buyers who use them as their only vehicle in small towns and rural America. We offer single, 7 and 42 speeds. Each person pedals independently — a unique feature as people can pedal side-by-side in a different gear. Made in America: If all of that wasn’t enough, you have to consider that the Rhoades Car is a certified Made in the USA product. Over 80% of our components are made in the USA and we use middle Tennessee suppliers as much as possible. The frame is made of U.S. steel, the most recycled substance in America.

We are just outside of Nashville, giving Tennesseans jobs. The company is 22 years old.   When you look at our website and our active Facebook page, we think you will agree that we are very forward-thinking. Between the obesity crisis, the high cost of gas, the sustainability movement and the popularity of Made in America products, there is a HUGE market for four-wheel bikes….after all, that’s how Henry Ford got started!

Be sure to watch this segment on Tennessee Crossroads which tells the Rhoades Car story

is six short minutes: http://www.rhoadescar.com/in-the-news.html

Company Description: Rhoades Car International manufactures a Certified Made in the USA product — a four wheel bicycle that drives like a car with one, two or four seat capacity with multiple speeds and an optional motor that provides sustainable transportation for families and industry, helps fight obesity, and provides a way for disabled people to exercise safely either alone, depending on their condition, or with loved ones or attendants/caregivers.