My Rhoades Car is the only way I can take my dog for a walk

“I am so happy with my Rhoades Car. It is everything I thought it would be, in terms of getting exercise and getting about. It has been worth every penny. The Car has more miles on it than my stove!

dogFrom the moment I got it, my dog and I have been travelling around the country side. We see a lot of animals, but the horn (shrill sound) frightens them, so they stay away. I especially enjoy my ride with Abby in the evening when all is peaceful and quiet, just peddling along and her walking beside me. The head lights and rear lights are very effective for the evening rides. I have Abby tied to it just below the gears (she cannot damage the gear sticks). By doing this I have more control and it stops Abby from bolting, but when she does bolt there is no harm done, because the bicycle stays motionless and I continue without physically fighting with her, such as pulling at her leash.

The Car does attract a lot of attention. Several people have asked and I gave them a referral card. One person took a picture from a distance, as Abby would not let them close. Another person asked what it was like and I stated that it was the only way to take your dog for a walk. Many times people just comment and state loudly, “sweet ride.” I remember saying to a lady, “imagine, the dog costs $1500.00, the Car costs $4000.00, and I got the Car for the dog so that I could take the dog for her walks.” We both laughed. I travel approximately 3 to 4 miles a day, but without this car I would never be going this distance. We have never gone for a whole day, but that is coming soon as I have my container and it is capable of holding a lot for a day trip.

For health reasons, and definitely a selling point for a person my age, this Rhoades Car has allowed me to be more mobile and extend my time outdoors, in terms of something fun to do. I am able to do back stretches, stretching from side to side, arm swings and basically all the stretches that one does at a desk when one sits for too long, and this is all while I am cycling. I do breathing exercises while peddling, and in addition, the weight is off my back, knees and feet.

When a person gets older, they are often afraid of hurting themselves (for good reasons), which leads into not trying new experiences. My positive experience has been this car does not tip even when a 150 lb. dog is tugging at it.

If there is such a thing as loving an inanimate object, then I love my Rhodes Car.

Thank you Holly, it was truly a pleasure dealing with you. You were of great assistance when it came to recommendations of what I wanted and what I needed for the Car. I really appreciated this because, as you know, I was sometimes indecisive.

Thank you again.”

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