From Martin Kreig – National Bicycle Greenway Founding Director – commenting on the all new Rhoades Car SportPed:

“In now taking aim at a new market, the Baby Boomers of this world, the all new Rhoades Car, under new ownership, is no longer just your retired person’s 4-wheel bike. The windscreen on the SportPed model is UV and glare resistant and the bike has an electric assist that will do just under 15 miles an hour. They also want bike people everywhere to keep an eye on all the new machines they have up their sleeve!! Thank you Rhoades Car!”

– Martin Kreig,

Rhoades Car comment: Martin Kreig is an amazing person. He is an author and huge proponent of bicycle riding and greenway development. He survived a clinical death diagnosis from an auto accident and now pedals across America on a HiWheel bike to raise awareness. Be sure to visit his website –