Riding a Rhoades Car twice a day contributes to 215 lb. weight loss

Update to this testimonial:  Mr. Cagley has lost 215 lbs in one year! (February 2015)

Dean Cagley proudly reports losing 155 lbs. in 8 months and credits his 2 person Cycle Car with much of his success. Mr. Cagley is working very hard to overcome spinal stenosis and several herniated disks and doing everything he can to avoid surgery. Losing weight is a very important part of his health plan. He rides his 2 person Cycle Car twice a day on the greenway that runs by his house  He pedals alone for the morning trip and his wife Judy joins him at the end of the day after she gets home from work. That gives him a good ten miles a day on his Rhoades Car. His wife has lost 50 lbs in the same time period and she hasn’t been really trying! Best of all, in addition to the exercise, the Cagleys enjoy spending quality time together.